In IACF we are using titles and categories to classify players by their strength.

The difference between category and title is only one: player may lose his category if his strength goes down. Titles are obtained forever, it's not possible to lose a title even if you waste your strength.

To obtain a category or title, you have to reach the necessary number of IACF rating points. The necessary ratings for each category and title are described below.

Nome Codice Tipo Valutazione I titolari
Amateur Grand Master AGM Title 2100 0
Amateur International Master AIM Title 2000 0
Amateur National Master ANM Title 1900 0
Amateur Candidate Master ACM Category 1800 0
Amateur First Category AC1 Category 1600 0
Amateur Second Category AC2 Category 1400 13
Amateur Third Category AC3 Category 1200 163
Banned BAN Title 0 17