In IACF we are using titles and categories to classify players by their strength.

The difference between category and title is only one: player may lose his category if his strength goes down. Titles are obtained forever, it's not possible to lose a title even if you waste your strength.

To obtain a category or title, you have to reach the necessary number of IACF rating points. The necessary ratings for each category and title are described below.

Имя Код Тип Рейтинг Обладатели
Amateur Grand Master AGM Title 2100 0
Amateur International Master AIM Title 2000 0
Amateur National Master ANM Title 1900 0
Amateur Candidate Master ACM Category 1800 0
Amateur First Category AC1 Category 1600 0
Amateur Second Category AC2 Category 1400 13
Amateur Third Category AC3 Category 1200 163
Banned BAN Title 0 17