Пошаљите догађај

First we want to clarify that holding IACF rated events is not publicly available option and works in test mode.

The events, including tournaments and matches, could be held online or over the board. To hold an event, you have to send your request to our email: contact@iacf.website. To calculate the ratings, we need your participants to be IACF members at the moment when event starts.

The price for rating calculation is $0.5 for OTB event and $0.02 per game for online event (chess.com only). For example, if your online event consists of 30 players and goes by 5 rounds, the price will be 0.02 x 30 x 5 / 2 = $1.5.

The link to your tournament will be also published on our website. After the tournament you have to send the results to our email address and we start calculating the ratings.

For additional question you can contact us by email: contact@iacf.website