The nearest upcoming online event IACF Bullet Swiss (Asia) starts Nov. 18, 2019, 9 a.m. UTC.

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International Amateur Chess Federation is a non-profit organization, which aims to support non-professional players around all the world. While FIDE works for professionals, we work for amateur players.

Today we are already 812 players from 109 countries!

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1 AC3 Ilias, Tsoupis GRC GRC 1293
2 AC2 Lok Ching, Tsang CHN CHN 1288
3 AC3 Molina Melara, Nelson SLV SLV 1262
4 AC3 Lecorre, Joel CAN CAN 1259
5 AC3 Perechnev, Alexander RUS RUS 1259

1 AC2 Lok Ching, Tsang CHN CHN 1433
2 AC3 Gift, Maseko ZAF ZAF 1340
3 AC3 Dias de Menezes, Ricardo Fagner BRA BRA 1329
4 AC3 Mesesan, Mircea-Marius GBR GBR 1310
5 AC3 Kurguz, Nikita RUS RUS 1307

1 AC2 Kirchev, Krasimir BGR BGR 1477
2 AC2 Dubovik, Nikolay RUS RUS 1343
3 AC3 Dias de Menezes, Ricardo Fagner BRA BRA 1340
4 AC3 Torchia, Robert USA USA 1320
5 AC3 Nath, T. R. Aravindh IND IND 1319

1 AC2 Follick, Jack USA USA 1451
2 AC2 Ara, Gua COL COL 1400
3 AC2 Kirchev, Krasimir BGR BGR 1391
4 AC2 Sehn, Isaiah CAN CAN 1376
5 AC3 de Lima, Artur Leandro BRA BRA 1359